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About Crystal Cavern

The Crystal Cavern was created out of a love of gems minerals and all things magical. Founded by Nicole Pacinello in 2016, our online shoppe has both online and physical space, where we offer a wide range of gems, jewelry, crowns and classes to enhance your spiritual growth.

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January 03, 2019
In a world as busy, hectic and topsy-turvy as this one, you may often find yourself lamenting that you simply...
January 03, 2019
Some people who are introverts don’t mind. They enjoy their own company and enjoy quietly watching other people go about...
January 03, 2019
One of the things that crystals do best is protect your energy. They can do this because they get their...

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    Bringing quality to our customer base is the foundation of our business. Fulfilling the expectations of our customer is number one.
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    Because we're focused on selling only premium products, that alone will not set our products apart from the competition. Offering the best value and service to our customer base is a integral part of our brand.
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    At Crystal Cavern we truly believe the more informed and empowered our customers are, the more satisfied and confident they are with their choices.