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Flame D'amour 7 day Candles
Flame D'Amour 7-Day pull out candles are hand-poured and dressed with my special corresponding love, herbs, stones and come sigiled and ready-to-use.  These potent candles can be used in love...
Full Moon Candle
$18.00 $20.00
The full moon is a time of abundance, potency, vibrancy and power. This full moon candle is made with white and sky blue beeswax, anointed with white lotus absolute and...
New Moon Candle
The new moon is a time of rest contemplation and potentiality. It is a time to sow seeds for the following lunar cycle. This new moon candle can aid in...
Aphrodite Candle
When we hear Aphrodite, we think of love romance, pleasure and beauty. Her candle is layered with red, rose and pink beeswax, anointed with her oils and scattered with rose...
Sirens Song Candle
This is a specially charged green, teal and light blue ritual candle set with aquamarine, hand picked local shells, Atlantic sea salt and seagrass. This candle has been ritually charged...
Muladhara Root Chakra Candle
The Muladhara, or root chakra, grounds and connects us to the Earths core. Its name literally means "root center" and it is the first energy center of the body. This...
Manipura Candle
The Manipura, or third chakra, is the energy center of communication. Its name translates to "shining gem" and it is the source of your personal power and force of will....
Anahata Heart Chakra Candle
The Anahata or Heart Chakra, sits in the middle of the seven chakras and is the center of emotions, love and compassion. It connects the lower three chakras to the...
Mary Magdalene Candle
When you hear her name what comes to mind? Possessed, fallen woman, follower? The partner of Jesus, his disciple and equal? Miriam of Magdala, the Divine Feminine counterpart of Jesus...
Honor Ancestors Candle
Though we think of them throughout the year, the season approaches where are ancestors are remembered and honored through celebration and ceremony. Set with petrified wood, palo santo oil and...
Morrigan Candle
Layers of red and black beeswax compose this powerful intention candle dedicated to the Great Queen. Each candle is charged on an altar dedicated to Her and set with obsidian...
Archangel Raphael Ritual Candle
First in my series of Archangel candles. Raphael. The seal is from the Grimoire of Armadel, which took lost symbols and writings from the Book of Solomon. The writing is the traditional...
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