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Honor Ancestors Candle
Though we think of them throughout the year, the season approaches where are ancestors are remembered and honored through celebration and ceremony. Set with petrified wood, palo santo oil and...
Samhain Candle and Oil for Sacred Veil Magick
This candle was created to hold space for the deep magic of the season of Samhain. Set with obsidian chipstones charged during Samhain 2017, it is anointed with oud, vetiver,...
Dark Moon: A Shadow Blend
The dark moon is a time of rest contemplation and potentiality. It is a time to sow seeds for the following lunar cycle. This ritual oil is a deep and...
Clear Quartz Spheres
These 45 mm spheres all have beautiful, natural phantoms. Quartz, while common, is a power stone. I always find myself going back to this crystal. It has been called the...
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