Crystal Crowns and Jewelry

K2 Pendants
This is a newly found and quite unusual stone which takes its name from it’s home in the foothills of the worlds second highest mountain, Mount K2 in Pakistan. The...
Rutilated Quartz Pendants
Rutilated quartz is a transformation stone. It can draw change to your environment, change to yourself, and change to your relationships. The beautiful, straw gold, glistening strands of Rutile have...
Garnet Pendants
Almandine Garnet is a beautiful stone that works for both the base and heart chakras, bringing a sense of grounding and enhanced love at the same time. A stone of...
Chlorite Quartz Pendants
Each necklace is about 1.5 inches long and is made of gem grade almandine garnet hand selected from my trip to Tucson.
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