• Apr 12, 2019
  • by Nicole Pacinello

You figured that you could deal with anxiety, that feeling that something terrible is going to happen in the near or even the middling future. You could either lie down for a few minutes, concentrate on your breath or even binge watch your favorite dystopian TV show.

But no one told you about the panic attacks.

No one told you that they make you feel absolutely certain that your death is imminent and inescapable. No one told you how they feel like they will last forever even though they only last a few minutes.

Did you know that crystals can help with your anxiety and your panic attacks? They can! Here are 10 crystals for anxiety and panic attacks:



This dark blue stone is excellent for calming the mind and promoting rational thoughts and objectivity. It restores your emotional balance and calms your panic attacks by releasing your fears, phobias and guilt.

Sodalite restores the trust you once had in yourself. It also rebalances your metabolism, as a disordered metabolism may contribute to your panic attacks and anxiety.



Lepidolite is another stone that takes away the stresses caused by electromagnetic smog and should be placed on your computer or laptop. It is most powerful in a mica-like form and allows you to tune into the emotions from another life that might be contributing to your stress and anxiety today.

As it contains an amount of lithium, lepidolite eases the depression that might accompany your anxiety, stabilizes mood swings and stops obsessive thoughts.



Moonstone quiets violent emotions and reactions to situations and soothes stress and emotional instability.

If it is placed on your solar plexus, it draws out old, useless patterns of emotions so you can examine them, understand them, and let them go. It is one of the best crystals for anxiety.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Hearts

We at Crystal Cavern adore rose quartz and offer it to our customers. It is a beautiful stone that brings unconditional love and great peace. It is the most important crystal for your heart chakra.

It is purifying, healing and reassuring and helps you through trauma or crisis. It draws away negative energy and replaces it with loving vibrations, self-esteem and self-trust. Rose quartz is an amazing emotional healer. Wear it over your heart.



Shungite is a stone made from over 98 percent carbon, which means it is a relative of diamond. No wonder this rather ordinary looking black stone repels negative energy and brings calm and positivity.

Shungite has been used for centuries for its purifying properties and is one of those crystals that clears your environment of the electromagnetic smog that can only add to the stress you’re feeling.

Carry shungite around with you or keep a piece on your workspace to quell your anxiety and dispel your panic attacks.


18K Gold Plated Kyanite Wands

Kyanite is often found in blades, points or wands and is an excellent tranquilizing stone. It is a rare crystal in that it does not need to be cleansed. This is because kyanite never holds on to negativity.

It dispels all kinds of blockages as well as the stress, anger and frustration your body is holding on to and helps to balance yin-yang energy.


Howlite / Turquenite

This is a stone that brings peace and calm, especially at bedtime. One of the best crystals for panic attacks, it stills the mind and pacifies turbulent emotions, especially those prompted by traumas in your past life.

You can even make an elixir from howlite, and sip it an hour or so before bed to calm your anxiety. Just place the crystal in a glass bowl filled with spring water. Let the bowl stand in sunlight for 12 hours, then take out the crystal, and pour the tincture into a glass bottle with an airtight stopper.

If you’re planning on keeping it for more than a week, add 50 percent vodka or brandy. Store it in a cool, dark place.


Fluorite Spheres

Fluorite is another crystal that protects you from stresses of all kinds, including electromagnetic stress and even stress that emanates from deep in the earth itself. These include the energies of underground pipes and power lines.

It encourages your mental coordination while gently easing mental disorders and stabilizing your emotions.

Fluorite teaches you the importance of emotional balance and protects you from psychic attack and psychological pressure.


Zambian Citrine Points

Citrine is sometimes found in a geode, which means its energy is gentle. At the same time, this crystal conveys the power of the sun and is one of the rare crystals that never needs cleansing.

It protects your aura and gives you early warning when you are vulnerable. It cleanses, activates and balances your chakras and subtle bodies and allows you to feel more confident in yourself and takes away self-destructive tendencies.

Citrine relieves not only anxiety but dispels phobias and depression and restores inner calm. It is best to wear citrine rings or necklaces, especially if the citrine is allowed to touch your skin.

Green Calcite

Green Calcite

Of all the types of calcite there are, green calcite is an excellent mental healer. It does away with the rigid and useless beliefs that you hold and rebalances your mind.

Just keeping it in the room removes negative energies and heightens positive ones. Because of this, it’s important that green calcite be cleansed every time it is used. It alleviates stress and anxiety and puts serenity in their place. It allows you to trust yourself and overcome setbacks.


These are a few of the crystals that can calm your mind and protect you from devastating panic attacks. If you have questions about crystals for anxiety, get in touch with Nicole Pacinello at Crystal Cavern.

Most of these stones can be worn as jewelry or placed on the appropriate chakra to ease anxiety and panic attacks. One caveat with moonstone is that women shouldn’t wear it during the full moon.