• Sep 11, 2019
  • by Nicole Pacinello

Everyone has those periods when they’re feeling run down, whether it’s physically, spiritually or mentally.

Most of the time, these feelings go away over time, and you experience a welcome return of your old energy. But if things haven’t been normal for a while, you might benefit, as I have, from the healing to be had from crystals.

This isn’t pseudoscience. For example, copper is known by medical doctors to reduce inflammation and swelling. Crystals such as malachite have a great deal of copper in them. Therefore, people wear malachite jewelry to ease aching joints and muscles. The body absorbs the tiny amounts of copper in malachite to heal itself.

Many crystals are piezoelectric, which means they produce electricity when they’re under compression. Medical professionals use this property in ultrasound machines, and the sound waves produced by some crystals are used to cauterize wounds and destroy tumors.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is the ability of crystals to help heal or at least ameliorate both physical and non-physical ailments.

Crystal healers believe this works because most crystals have their origins from deep within the earth, and as they rise up to the surface they bring its powerful healing energies with them.

The Properties of Healing Crystals

Some crystals work by energizing aspects of the body or spirit, while others act by calming these aspects. Some crystals do both. If one crystal is placed on the area of a sluggish organ such as the liver, it can stimulate the liver. If the same crystal is placed on the throat to heal an overactive thyroid, it can cause the thyroid to calm down, and return to normal functioning,

Some crystals work rapidly, while others take what you may consider to be a long time. Some provoke what is called a healing crisis or a healing challenge. This means that the symptoms that you’re using the crystal for get temporarily worse.

Though a healing crisis may be difficult to go through, it is a good sign because it means that the crystal is working. This is also known as the Law of Cure. During the early stages of your healing, your body is quickly eliminating toxins and wastes. When this process is over, your strength and health return.

How To Use Crystals for Healing

It is important to know the properties of different crystals and what they’re best at. It is just as important to know the ultimate cause of your ailment. For example, if you have a migraine headache, certain crystals, such as amethyst are excellent at healing it when it’s placed on your brow.

However, if your migraine is the result of something you ate, you might want to use a crystal that will calm your stomach such as fire agate, and place it on your midsection instead of on your forehead.

Crystals also work holistically, which means they work to heal all levels of your being. Because they work through vibrations and resonances, they realign your subtle body and activate your chakras, which are wheels of energy found in a line from the above your head, which is the higher crown chakra, to below your feet, which is the earth chakra.

When the chakras are in balance, many disease states of your physical, mental and spiritual being can be avoided or eased.

Crystal practitioners know that illnesses arrive from a combination of factors. If the problem is in your subtle body, you might suffer from mental or spiritual unease. You might have a misalignment between your physical and subtle bodies, or you might be affected by electromagnetic smog that comes from such devices as computers or cell phones.

You might have problems caused by geopathic stress, which is stress created from within the earth. This includes underground water, utility lines or even ley lines, which are lines that connect energetically active places in the landscape.

Choosing a Healing Crystal

When choosing a healing crystal, you might want one to simply ease your symptoms or to heal a deeper cause. You might want to consult an experienced crystal healer for this.

Certain crystals are not only good for different maladies, but the shape of the crystal can amplify its effect. Quartz crystals are often naturally faceted at their tips. They often have six facets, which represent the six chakras that run from the base chakra up to the third eye. Here are some common shapes:


Many crystals have natural points. When it is aimed at the body, it sends energy to your body. When it is pointed outward, it draws energy away. Some crystals even have double points. They absorb and give off energy at the same time.


Pyramids draw off negative energy and blockages from your chakras and replace them with fresh, vibrant energies.


Very few crystals are naturally egg-shaped, but they sculpt and hold energy and are used to rebalance blockages in your body. The pointier end is used in reflexology or acupressure.


Generator crystals have six facets that meet in a sharp point. They can be small or very large and are used to generate healing energy.

Cathedral Quartz

This crystal can be very large and has many terminations with at least one point at its apex. Crystal practitioners consider it a type of celestial computer. If it is placed over an area of pain, it can bring quick relief.

Crystals for Healing

These crystals should be placed over the organ to rebalance, energize or sedate it as needed:


Amber, blue tourmaline, citrine


Green fluorite


Amber, azurite, bloodstone, red obsidian


Beryl, peridot, green fluorite

Nervous System

Lapis lazuli, green tourmaline, green jade


Aquamarine and other beryl stones, jadeite, nephrite, rose quartz


Rose quartz, garnet


There’s a crystal to heal nearly every bodily system as well as your subtle body and chakras. If you want even more answers to “What is crystal healing?” don’t hesitate to contact us at The Crystal Cavern Facebook Page.