• Aug 01, 2019
  • by Nicole Pacinello

Have you been feeling a little run down lately, both physically and mentally? Do you have important decisions to make, and you just can’t seem to make them?

Maybe bloodstone can help you. As its name suggests, this crystal is a powerful cleanser of the blood. More than this, it stimulates and supports your immune system, calms your mind and helps with your decision making process. Bloodstone, which is one of the traditional birthstones for March, is also called heliotrope from the Greek “helios” for sun and “tropos,” for turn. Ancient Greeks believed the stone could turn the rays of the sun red if it was placed in water.

Bloodstone Crystal Meaning 

According to crystal practitioners, the meaning of the bloodstone crystal is to dwell in the present moment. The ancients believed that bloodstone, a type of green chalcedony flecked with blood red jasper or hematite, had magical properties. Medieval Christians believed it was made from the crucified Christ’s blood dropping down onto the earth, and it was often carved into depictions of the crucifixion and other types of martyrdom. People not only believed that bloodstone had the power to banish evil and redirect spiritual energy toward the positive but it had the power to control the weather. Ancient people also believed that a bloodstone crystal actually gave off sounds that helped to guide the person who heard them, could make the wearer invisible and could instantly stop hemorrhages if it was touched. 

Bloodstone Crystal Properties

Bloodstone is a crystal that grounds your heart energy and protects you by keeping negative influences away from you. It brings dreams and helps revitalize you while you sleep.

When you’re awake, bloodstone brings courage and teaches you how to avoid danger through being flexible and strategic. It helps you understand that sometimes transformation is preceded by some chaos and encourages your instincts toward idealism and selflessness. Bloodstone helps you to act in the moment, clears up mental confusion and re-energizes your mind if you find yourself mentally exhausted and faced with the unexpected. It helps you resist impatience and aggressiveness when faced with those unexpected circumstances and brings spirituality into your everyday life. It cleanses your lower chakras and realigns their energies.

Practitioners believe that bloodstone can not only heal you personally, but can heal the destructive beliefs and patterns that have been passed down to you from generations past. This is called your ancestral line.

When it comes to healing, bloodstone not only cleanses the blood but stimulates the circulation of lymph and other healthy processes in the body. It detoxifies the viscera and is particularly beneficial to those organs in the body that are blood-rich, such as the liver and the spleen. It combats the formation of pus, helps the body flush out toxins and balances its pH, thus avoiding acidification. In ancient Egypt, the stone was used to shrink tumors.

If you’re an athlete or like to work out, bloodstone is the crystal for you. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks believed that it bolstered physical endurance and strength and protected the wearer from injury.

Bloodstone Crystal Uses

Bloodstone is a popular stone to use in feng shui. It brings in and grounds positive energy and is a stone of protection. A good strategy is to place a bloodstone in each corner of the room or in each corner of the house. Some people place a large specimen just outside their front door.

The stone can also be worn as jewelry, for it makes an attractive gem when it is tumbled or made into a cabochon or a cameo. Because of this, bloodstone is most often worn as a pendant or a necklace or bracelet made of polished beads. Men also use bloodstone in signet rings. To maintain good health, it is best to wear the stone continuously. 

To get a good night’s sleep, place a bloodstone in a bowl of water on your bedside table. For healing, place the stone where it is needed. One good way to stimulate your immune system if you’re feeling a bit run down is to tape a piece of bloodstone over your thymus gland, which made a hormone that helped your body produce T-cells. Your thymus gland is found in the middle of your chest just beneath your collar bone. This suggestion works especially well for children, whose thymus gland is still actively working with their immune system.

Another way to use bloodstone is to meditate with it. After the stone is cleansed, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit comfortably with the crystal cradled in your hands, or place it on the table or desk before you. Breathe gently, and as you breathe out let go of the stress you are feeling. When you breathe in, bring peace and tranquility into your body. When your breathing has achieved an easy, peaceful rhythm, open your eyes and contemplate your crystal. Then, close your eyes and concentrate on its energy and its healing and reinvigorating properties. When your meditation is finished, put the crystal back in its pouch, and place your feet firmly on the floor to reground yourself.


The ancient bloodstone is the stone for protection, for grounding, for imparting courage and for wisdom.

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