• Jul 12, 2018
  • by Nicole Pacinello

Your personal vibration is as unique as your fingerprint, but it also evolves and changes throughout your life. Some people say it’s part of you; others say it’s the whole you. Regardless, it’s certainly a unique and distinctive dimension characteristic to every person.

Have you ever encountered someone who left you feeling dirty or down, and you weren’t sure why? It’s because they had a low vibration. You don’t want to be that person. People with low vibrations attract negative energies to them on a regular basis. They are always feeling attacked and picked on; they may even experience demonic activity from time to time. Raising your vibration is the perfect way to rise above all that. You will feel lighter, brighter, and more resilient. You will naturally begin to attractive better things to yourself as a result of raising your vibration. But do you know how to raise your vibration? Let’s answer this together.

How to Raise Your Vibration, Step By Step

There is no shortcut to knowing how to raise your vibration, but that doesn’t mean it’s unnatural. If anything, it’s natural for us to vibrate at the highest possible level. We are meant to be vibrant and brilliant! The trick is learning what’s holding us back, then shedding those things one at a time. Here are some suggestions on how to do that:

      Recognizing and releasing negativity

      Surrounding ourselves with high vibrational people

      Respecting animals and the earth

      Having high vibrational surroundings

      Acting in a high vibrational manner

#1 Recognizing and Releasing Negativity

What are the negative things you tell yourself? Are you constantly worried and doubting? Goodness knows there’s plenty in the world to feel sad about, but there’s no reason to use this as fodder to talk down to ourselves. It’s important to recognize negativity for what it is; after all, negative energy attracts additional negativity. Feeling sorry for yourself or indulging in excessive self-doubt is no way to start raising your vibration. You have to start recognizing negativity for what it is, then releasing it. Gradually, these negative patterns will lessen their hold on you and positive energy will take their place.

#2 Surrounding Ourselves With High Vibrational People

Like attracts like, remember? If you want to raise your vibrational energy, find people who are already there and spend time with them. This is a great way to begin shaking off old habits and patterns. You will find yourself naturally feeling uplifted after spending time with these higher vibrational people. They don’t feel so dumped on and picked on; they feel abundant and blessed, instead. This is a wonderful change compared to spending time surrounded by low vibrational people.

#3 Respecting Animals and the Earth

The earth and all living creatures are natural reservoirs of positive, uplifting vibrational energy. Eating natural, wholesome food that didn’t come from a slaughterhouse is a great way to start raising your vibration and releasing negative patterns that cling to you. You will soon find that you are calmer and more in touch with your feelings. You will find a new respect for others and for our shared environment. This is an important step in raising your vibration, so don’t neglect it.

#4 Having High Vibrational Surroundings

We pick up energy wherever we go; this is especially true for our home environment. We are especially affected by the energy we are surrounded by each and every day, so it is important to create a home atmosphere that is high vibrational. This can be done by using incense and candles around the home to create a tranquil, relaxed aura. Rocks and crystals chosen especially for their spiritual properties can also be used to charge an atmosphere with positive vibrations. These all create subtle influences that gradually raise our personal vibrations and make us more sensitive to our environment. Surrounding ourselves with these objects is a great way to become more sensitive overall.

#5 Acting in a High Vibrational Manner

Being kind, loving, and forgiving forces us to release negativity on a regular basis instead of getting dragged back down into lower patterns of behavior. It takes an act of deliberate will to be loving and kind for most people; our first impulse may be to be rude or dismissive. Fighting against these impulses takes practice. Gradually these conscious choices become second nature; this is when we know that our vibration really has gotten higher.

Repeating the Steps

Once our vibration has risen, we can’t just sit back and feel accomplished. Becoming a high vibrational being is the work of a lifetime; it never really ends. As we become more attuned to our energetic selves, we see ways in which we still have to improve. We will find ourselves repeating these and other steps in order to become increasingly more refined. We will abandon habits that no longer suit us, leave behind friends and associates that drag us down, and continue to craft an environment that elevates our consciousness.

Being a high vibrational person is important if we want to continue the work of personal evolution. This work is important to anyone who wants to live more consciously and with greater personal responsibility. Be sure to share this with anyone who shares your goals of living with higher awareness and a more refined personal vibration.