• Aug 01, 2019
  • by Nicole Pacinello

Do you sometimes wonder why you’re here? Is the world sometimes too much for you? You look at all the suffering around you -- and even within you -- and you can’t imagine what it’s all for.

If this sounds familiar, moldavite is the crystal for you. Moldavite is a rare and special crystal that I sometimes use to bring insight and make me aware of the sources of my discomfort with being in the world. It is truly like no other crystal.

What is Moldavite?

First and foremost, moldavite is not really from this planet. It’s a form of tektite that gets its name because it was first found in the Moldau River in 1836. Tektite is a type of glass that’s made when a meteorite hits the earth and causes such heat that rocks, sand and other debris at the impact site melt, scatter then harden. Though there are many types of tektite, only moldavite is found in and around the Moldau River. This is why it is so rare. Moldavite is different shades of green and is full of tiny bubbles.

Because of its origins, moldavite contains the energies both of earth and the cosmos. It is one of the few crystals that has its own cosmic oversoul and is part of a soul group that directs its spiritual progress.

Moldavite Meaning

The ancients used moldavite as talisman for good luck and fertility. Now, moldavite meaning involves the healing of the earth. It is a stone of the Ascended Masters and is meant to be used with other crystals to raise them to their very highest vibration and amplify their effects. 

Moldavite Properties

Moldavite is a stone with an extremely high vibration. It removes blockages and realigns the chakras. It aligns strongly with your crown chakra and helps it open up to receive supreme spiritual guidance. If you place moldavite on your throat, you can receive messages from the universe that pertain to the state of the earth and its urgent need for healing. If you place a moldavite crystal on your third eye, you can transcend time. You can actually move between the present, the past and the future. It can even help you contact extraterrestrial intelligences and access your past lives to help you find out the possible origins of the blockages and problems in this life. Moldavite is especially useful in revealing potential futures. It helps you see a future life that is influenced by decisions you make now. It helps you learn what to do in your present life to prevent future calamities.

The crystal is especially useful for star children or indigo children, who are beings who’ve come to earth to help it in a time of transition. These are beings who actually originated on other planets and are not used to the ponderous, dragging energy levels of earth. They find it hard to integrate their souls with their physical bodies and find some kind of grounding. Moldavite can help these people to ground their bodies and souls when it's used with grounding stones such as smoky quartz when both are placed over the heart.

Because moldavite is basically glass, it does not have a crystalline structure. This allows it to take you way beyond what you considered your old boundaries and limits. It helps you detach from the everyday worries such as money and the uncertainties of the future. Moldavite allows you to see the big picture when it comes to why you incarnated and reveals your spiritual purpose. It supports your capacity for compassion and empathy.

Moldavite allows you to think up solutions to problems that are bold and unconventional. It can bring forth memories that you thought were lost and help you attain spiritual information through your intellect. It allows you to let go of archaic ideas and attitudes that no longer work for you. If you’ve been hypnotized against your will, moldavite allows you to resist commands. 

When you hold a piece of moldavite in your hand, you may be surprised by the enormous rush of energy that you feel all through your body. Many practitioners believe that this is moldavite downloading information from both the Akashic record and your light body. It’s then up to you to process this information and make it conscious. This can take time, but it’s worth it for your spiritual growth and the elevation of your vibrations.

The stone is also different from other crystals in that it doesn’t heal specific ailments but allows you to become aware of why you have contracted the disorder in the first place. It allows you to use the gift that has been brought to you through your disease. Then, it will support your healing process and your need to release the sickness. Moldavite is also unique in that its very color can be a diagnostic tool. People who tend to dislike the color of moldavite are uncomfortable with emotion and may have undergone some emotional trauma in their life. They need unconditional love and the space and compassion for their trauma to come to the surface to be healed.

Moldavite Uses

Besides placing moldavite on your crown chakra, throat chakra and third eye, one way to use moldavite is to hold it up to a light and gaze into it. This helps you to shift and expand your consciousness, but it is important that you stay grounded while doing this. Crystal practitioners recommend holding a pair of boji stones to ground you during your meditation, then use a clear quartz crystal afterwards to stabilize the effects of the moldavite.

Another thing to know about moldavite is that it is somewhat fragile. Don’t clean it with salt or in salt water, because it can etch the surface. When the stone isn’t being used, keep it in its own soft fabric bag. It can be bought in a rough state, tumbled or even polished and faceted as a gem.


Moldavite is a one of a kind stone that can open doors of spiritual growth and cosmic consciousness. If you have a specific question or query about moldavite meaning or anything else, please contact us via our Facebook page.