• Jul 13, 2018
  • by Nicole Pacinello

When you think of magic, what do you typically envision? If you're like most people, you think of elaborate rituals consisting of symbols, tapestries, ornate tools, burning incense, and a book full of spells and incantations.

In reality, magic is simply the direction of your energy fueled by intent and a clearly visualized goal. Because of the simple and benign nature of magic, elaborate rituals are often not required to conjure magical energy to cast a spell.

Candle magic is the perfect example of being able to harness and direct magical energy without the use of a ritual. The only item you will need is a candle. And, of course, this guide.

What is candle magic?

What Is Candle Magic

Candle magic is a very effective and very basic form of intent magic. When you first set out to follow the mystical and spiritual path of magic, you must first realize that not all secrets of the spiritual realm will be revealed to you immediately upon dedicating yourself to a magical path. Your first steps on the path to spiritual fulfillment will be simple ones, and that's where candles begin to prove themselves to be your most useful and reliable magical tool.

Candles are also very simple magical tools that are perfect for a beginner. Using candles in magic dates back to ancient times. They require virtually no ritual preparation and no fancy talismans, materials, or incantations. Candles are a pure form of magic that combines the five elements of earth, water, air, fire, and spirit.

This unique and all-encompassing trait of candles allows them to be used singularly without any special instructions or additions. The body of the candle is comprised of earth, water, and air. The wick represents spirit since it holds the full potential of the magic within the candle. Lastly, the flame on the wick represents the element of fire.

How does it work?

For decades, children have been blowing out birthday candles and making silent wishes. This notion of candles making wishes come true has its beginnings in the realm of magic with candles. Since candles possess all five of the necessary ritualistic elements, they are potent and powerful tools for focusing magic. More specifically, magic made with intent.

For magic to procure the desired result, there must be three things present - willpower, concentration, and visualization. All of these things must come from you for you are the ultimate source of all magic. The candle is only intended to focus your magic into a single cohesive intention.

Willpower is at the forefront of all magic, be it magic with just a candle or magic with a full ritual. Willpower is the font of your magic. It is wild and stubborn but also fleeting.

If you want something to happen bad enough, you can make it happen. This is the idea behind willpower. It is your intentions in their most raw and primal form.

Concentration is the next requirement. You will need a still mind and a place devoid of distractions if you are to harness your willpower into a single, cohesive intention. This intention should be thoroughly expressed and clearly formed in your mind before you light the candle.

Once the candle is lit, the last aspect, visualization, becomes the driving force behind the magic of the candle. Visualization requires you to see in your mind's eye the exact result you expect from your spell. In order for the magic to manifest correctly, you must be able to see your results in full color, full emotion, and full clarity.

How do I get started?

The first step you take when you decide to use a candle for magic is to choose the best candle for your intentions. The shape and size of your candle are two important aspects for practical reasons. Certain spells and incantations will require you to concentrate as the candle burns down, so you want to choose a candle that will burn evenly and within a reasonable amount of time.

A votive candle or a taper candle actually work quite well in magical workings involving candles. They're small, effective, and come in a variety of colors. Candle color is another important aspect of the magic you wish to conjure.

Magic Candle Colors

Candle color is very important when it comes to working a specific spell or ritual to achieve a desired goal. In order to make the impact of the spell more potent and to focus the energies in a correct direction, it's imperative that you choose a candle color to match your intentions. Some candles are solid, common colors while other candles can be a combination of many colors.

Here, we have outlined the most common candle colors found on the market and their magical uses for your convenience.

  • Black: used for protection and the destruction of negative energy.
  • White: used to seek out the truth and to grant purity of thought and intention.
  • Pink: used for love, friendship, self-esteem, and harmony in a relationship.
  • Blue: used for inspiration, communication, and forgiveness.
  • Purple: used for empowering spirituality, tapping into psychic abilities, and sharpening intuition.
  • Green: used for success, luck, money, and fertility.
  • Red: used for courage, passion, love, relationship, and vitality.
  • Orange: used for energy, joy, and motivation.
  • Yellow: used for confidence, creativity, goal-setting, and mental clarity.
  • Gold: used to draw on masculine energy, for magics involving the Sun, and to change one's fortune.
  • Silver: used to draw on feminine energy, for magics involving the Moon, and to unlock latent psychic abilities.

Candle color is not the only important aspect of the candle that you will choose to be the focal point of your magical workings. Candles can be given a boost to their magical potency by the addition of essential oils and herbs.

The essential oil can be used to anoint your candle (see a video on how to anoint a candle below) while the herbs can be burned in the flame of your candle to lend their potency to the magic.

Now that you have a candle that is the proper color, proper type, and has been dressed with the proper oils and herbs, it is time for you to settle your thoughts and gather your intentions.

Remember the three important aspects of harnessing the magical energy of candles - willpower, concentration, and visualization.

Though a full ritual isn't necessary to cast your intentions, a small spell or incantation can be written or used if they help you to focus your mind and visualize your goal.

Write Your Intentions

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