• Sep 11, 2018
  • by Nicole Pacinello

How do you use a crystal sphere? Whether it’s a marble-sized sphere that can fit in the palm of your hand, or that huge globe owned by the Wicked Witch of the West that gave her the gift or remote viewing and let her work her hexes, crystal spheres have fascinated people and been used by them throughout history.

They have been used by people of all nations and ethnic groups, and some people believe they are the oldest method of glimpsing the future.

Clear Quartz Spheres

Crystal spheres are usually carved out of larger pieces of crystal: to find a large, perfectly round crystal in nature is quite rare. Because of this, spheres made of genuine crystal such as quartz are quite expensive, and the crystal balls you’ll likely see are made of glass.

One substitute for a ball made out of genuine crystal is a seer stone. This is a natural, water polished, rough-cut stone that can show you the past, present and future. You can even program this type of stone to allow you to see a specific period of time in the past.

The power of a crystal sphere is that it emits energy in every direction. Because of this, it can help you peer into the past or the future, which is called “scrying.” It doesn’t really matter if your crystal sphere is large or small, but make sure that you are in a balanced frame of mind before you consult it. It also helps to be patient! For more information on how to use crystal spheres, see this video below:

The first thing to do when you buy your crystal sphere is to clean it. If it is a water safe stone, just hold it for a minute or two under running water, or put it in a bowl of sea water.

If it is a water soluble stone such as selenite or moonstone, place it in salt, or smudge it with sage or palo santo:

Use Sage or Palo Santo

At the same time, concentrate on cleansing all the negativity from the crystal and re-energizing it. Then, put it in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours to recharge it. Just make sure that it’s not a type of crystal that can start a fire if it’s put in direct sunlight and that sunlight doesn’t cause it to fade.

After the crystal sphere is cleansed, dedicate it to the purpose you’ve bought it for. Hold it in your hand if it’s small enough, and imagine it surrounded by a bright light. Think about what you want the crystal to do. In this case, you’ll want it to give you insight into events that happened in the past and may happen in the future. Then, put it in a place where you can see it every day. A crystal sphere often comes with a base to keep it from rolling.

How to Use Crystal Spheres: What You’ll Need

You won’t need anything expensive or complicated to perform scrying. You will only need:

  • Your crystal sphere
  • A pad and pen
  • A place that’s quiet and dimly lit. Make sure you will not be disturbed, and prepare to sit there for a 15 to 45 minute session.

Once settled, you should:

1. Breathe

Breathe Deeply

Place your crystal ball on a low table, and place your hands over it. Some people hold it in their hand. Breathe gently and allow each succeeding breath to be a bit longer than the last one. Breathe out any stress or tension you have, and breathe in peace and tranquility. Quietly study the crystal ball and take in its roundness, its color and its weight if you’re holding it. Then, close your eyes and consider the crystal’s energies.

2. Look Deeply, Clear Your Mind

Clear Your Mind

Open your eyes and stare into the crystal while trying to make your mind as blank as possible. Ideally, you should arrive at a state where you are not conscious of your physical surroundings. At first, you may not see anything at all in the crystal and may believe the whole endeavor is a waste of time. This is actually normal. Most people who are new at scrying do not see anything until they have practiced it for days, weeks or even months. The first things they do see in the crystal are usually clouds. These clouds are most likely the normal colors of clouds, but they can be any color.

When the clouds finally part, you’ll see pictures. Some of them are still like photographs. Others are moving, like images you would see on a smart phone.

3. Take Notes

Take Notes

Take detailed notes of what you see, feel or sense around you as you are concentrating. You may experience scents, memories, feelings or full on visions.

4. Decide If it’s “Real”

Decide if it's real

Determine whether or not what you are seeing is an actual psychic experience. Sometimes, the images you see in the crystal just mean that your unconscious mind has been activated. If you think you’re seeing the future, carefully note down what you're are seeing. In real life, you may even experience these future events. But it’s still important to know that you may be hoping for these events to happen in your life and may act in ways that make them more likely to happen, even unconsciously.

After the reading, put your crystal sphere back in its usual spot.


Did you enjoy this tutorial? As an author and proud owner of a crystal sphere, it is important that the steps that have been described be followed for optimum results. It is very much like a recipe for making a cake! Please don’t hesitate to comment and share the article if you liked it.