• Jan 03, 2019
  • by Nicole Pacinello

Nearly everyone knows an energy vampire. Some people have to put up with them on the regular, for they can be friends possessed of a grimdark pessimism, melodramatic relatives or parasitic coworkers.

They are people who just sap the vitality out of you. Some don’t even know that they’re energy vampires and do not mean to be, but they are.

Energy, or psychic vampires are especially bad news if you’re an empath, for they can leave you truly depleted. The good news is that there are crystals that can protect you against these stealers of energy whether they mean to or not.

Here are 11 of them:

Red Garnet

Garnet comes in several colors, but its most popular color is red. Red garnet energizes and recharges the chakras and is famous for its ability to warn of coming danger including the danger of psychic vampires. Because of this, it was often carried as a talisman. Garnet also activates the other protective crystals. Another good thing about red garnet is that it can be polished to a beautiful jewel that is best worn on the body as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Aqua Aura

Smoky Waters Crown with Aqua Aura Crystals

Aqua aura is a type of quartz, and as its name implies it is a stunningly beautiful light blue color. This blue color is made when the quartz is heated then covered with a thin coat of gold. Despite being created in the lab, aqua aura is a powerful stone that clears and repairs the aura as well as protects from psychic attack. It even strengthens your immune system which can be weakened from long exposure to negative energies. Like garnet, it should be used with other crystals to enhance their healing properties.


Selenite Crystals - Full Collection

Selenite is one of the crystals for energy vampires used to form a protective grid around their house. In this way, your home can be protected by negative energies coming in from the outside.

A wand made of transparent selenite can be used to rid your aura of any entities that have attached to it and to protect anything external from entering or influencing your thought processes.

Selenite Wand

Besides being placed around your house, you can hold selenite in your hand for help. One word of caution is to not place selenite in water because it may may degrade over long periods of time.

Spectrolite Labradorite

Spectrolite Labradorite

Spectrolite is a beautifully iridescent type of labradorite. It is a protective stone that deflects negative energy from the aura and forms a barrier against the depredations of psychic vampires. It also removes the thought projections of other people from your aura. It is best worn over the heart chakra.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Obsidian actually isn’t a crystal. It is molten lava that cooled down so quickly after it left the volcano that it didn’t have time to crystallize. Because of this, it is limitless and exceptionally powerful. Obsidian is best used under the guidance of a qualified crystal healer. It is a supremely protective stone and blocks negative energies and psychic attacks especially for sensitive people and empaths. It is so good at soaking up and deflecting negative energies that you’ll need to wash black obsidian under running water every time you use it.



Citrine carries the power of the sun with it and so dispels energy vampires right away. Unlike obsidian, it never needs cleansing even as it absorbs and dissipates negative energies. It protects your aura by warning you that something dangerous is headed your way. This gives you time to protect yourself. Like garnet, it is best worn next to the skin but needs to be kept out of sunlight to keep it from fading.


Opal Aura Amethyst

Protecting you against energy vampires is but one of the things this famously purple and powerful stone does for you.

Amethyst not only protects you, but converts the negative energy heading your way to love. It eases anger, fear, anxiety and grief. Wear amethyst in jewelry, especially around your throat or heart, or place clusters or geodes around your home. If you have an amethyst wand, point it at you to bring in healing energy, point it away to ward off negative energy. Like citrine, amethyst fades in sunlight.



This stone, green with flecks of red, is said to have magical properties in the way it banishes negativity and evil and reroutes spiritual energy. It is excellent for grounding and protecting and keeps energy vampires away by teaching you how to avoid them. It re-energizes your mind if dealing with your psychic vampire has left you mentally exhausted. Wear it on the body, and put it in a bowl of water beside your bed to get a good night’s sleep.

Black Tourmaline

Large Black Tourmaline Specimens

Tourmaline comes in a rainbow of colors, but it is the black tourmaline that offers protection against energy vampires. Also called schorl, black tourmaline not only protects against psychic assault but radiation, electromagnetic smog and all manner of harmful energies. Black tourmaline creates a protective shield around you, and a black tourmaline wand with its point facing outwards draws off negative energy.


Shiva Lingam - Made of Jasper

Jasper also forms a protective shield around your body. It grounds energies and grounds your body while absorbing negative energy and cleansing your chakras. Brown jasper s especially good for drawing off harmful energy, so place large pieces of it in the rooms of your home.


Carnelian Spheres

Carnelian protects you against energy vampires by helping you to trust your own perceptions as well as helping you overcome abusive situations. It protects against envy and rage that may come at you from within and without. Carnelian can worn as jewelry or in a belt buckle. If you place a carnelian stone near your front door, it protects your home.


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