• Jan 03, 2019
  • by Nicole Pacinello

One of the things that crystals do best is protect your energy. They can do this because they get their own energy from the forces found deep within the earth.

These forces took millions of years to create them. Not only this, crystals can be programmed to impart some of that powerful energy to you. This is important if you are stressed, overworked or just simply burnt out from all of your obligations.

Some crystals are better at protecting your energy than others are because of their ability to absorb and even transform negative energy and put out energy that is strong and pure. There are even crystals that protect you against electromagnetic smog if you wear them.

Not only this, but many crystals are beautiful in themselves and can be placed around your home as art objects. No one needs to know that they’re also there to protect your energy!

Choosing a Crystal

Choose a Crystal

There are literally thousands of crystals to choose from that can protect your energy.

Our website can help you choose one that’s right for you, or you can simply choose a crystal at random. Look at the ones on offer on our website, and pick one that you find especially attractive. Your intuition is powerful when it comes to choosing the right crystal.

If you are buying a crystal from a brick and mortar store, make sure that the proprietor allows you to handle the crystal before you buy it. You can actually feel which one is right. Some store owners sell crystals in tubs. One trick is to thrust your hand into a tub, and buy the crystals that stick to your fingers.

Remember that a huge, showy, polished or even faceted crystal might not be the right one for you. Sometimes the most powerful are small and rough.

Programming a Crystal

But how do you program a crystal to protect your energy in the first place? Here’s how:

Washing the Crystal

Before the crystal is programmed, it needs to be cleansed. If the crystal isn’t fragile or jointed, wash it with running water from the tap or place it in a bowl of salt water. You can even immerse it in the sea for a few minutes. As the crystal is being cleansed, quietly ask that all negativity in the crystal be washed away and that the crystal be re-energized. Then, place it in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. One precaution is to avoid placing crystals in the sunlight if sunlight fades them. Amethyst is one of these crystals. Also, make sure that a transparent crystal is not placed in a position where the rays of the sun can spark a fire.

Crystals that are fragile, or friable can be placed in a bowl of sea salt and left overnight. This is a good idea for selenite, which may degrade if left in water over long periods of time. At the end, make sure all of the salt is removed from the crystal since salt can damage it.

There are crystals for energy protection that never need to be cleansed. These include citrine and kyanite. Other crystals have the power to cleanse other crystals. These include clear quartz and carnelian. These crystals can be put in a soft pouch with other crystals to clean them. Some people clean crystals by passing them through the flame of a candle.

After the crystal is cleansed, dedicate it to the purpose of protecting your energy. Hold the crystal in your hands and imagine it surrounded by light. You can even hold it in front of a lightbulb or a candle. Then, dedicate the crystal out loud then close your eyes while you still hold the crystal. Silently but specifically think of the crystal protecting your energy. Finally, say out loud, “I program this crystal to protect my energy.”

For the first few days after the programming, place the crystal in an area where you can easily see it. You may also keep it in your pocket, or wear it. Take it out a few times a day, hold it and reprogram it if you need to. Later on, place the crystal in its own soft pouch.

Crystals for Energy Protection

There are several crystals that are excellent for protecting your energy. They include:


Amber Stones

Amber isn’t exactly a crystal but a type of fossilized resin. It grounds your energy and turns negative energy into energy that is positive and healing. It brings vitality and can draw diseases out of the body.


Fluorite Spheres

Fluorite is a powerful protective crystal that cleanses and stabilizes your aura and grounds your spiritual energies. It is a crystal that helps to place everything in perfect order. Fluorite crystals make excellent and energizing palmstones and are also useful worn as earrings. Green fluorite is especially good at grounding your energy and absorbing negativity from your environment.


Large Black Tourmaline Specimens

Tourmaline not only grounds and protects your spiritual energies but can form a protective barrier around your body. This is why it is often used in shamanic rituals. A black tourmaline rod found in quartz strengthens you against psychic attack.


Jet Stone

Like amber, jet isn’t really a crystal but a fossil. In this case, it is fossilized wood. It pulls out negative energy, and when you wear it around your neck it offers protection against illness, violence and dark entities. When it’s worn in jewelry, jet should be set in silver.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Points

Smoky quartz is a superb grounding and anchoring stone and is a brilliant antidote to stress. It neutralizes negative energies, banishes depression and fear and brings calm.


We hope this article helped you learn how to choose crystals that can help you protect your energies, whether they be spiritual, mental or physical. Feel free to share this article if you enjoyed it and found it helpful. For more information or to look at our selection of helpful crystals, contact Nicole Pacinello at Crystal Cavern.