• Apr 12, 2019
  • by Nicole Pacinello

Even when you were a child, you knew that your gut instincts were right more often than not. It didn’t matter if your instincts told you a certain person was trouble when everyone else told you they were trustworthy or a dicey situation that everyone else told you was safe or vice versa.

When you listened to your intuition, it was right. Now, you would like to enhance that valuable quality. Crystals are one way to do it.

Here are 10 crystals for intuition:


Tibetan Quartz Points

The queen of all crystals, quartz pulls its energy from deep within the earth itself. Strengthening your intuition is one of its many properties, as no other crystal is so adept at storing, absorbing, releasing and balancing all manner of positive energy.

When you hold a piece of quartz, whether it’s a wand, point or a sphere, it attunes itself perfectly to your particular energy and can greatly increase your intuition. Types of quartz that are especially good for supporting intuition are:

  • Snow quartz, which is pure white
  • Tourmaline quartz
  • Rutilated quartz
  • Aura quartz. This quartz is bonded with precious metals such as platinum, silver and gold and is  a powerful help when it comes to promoting your intuitive talents.


Pink Amethyst Specimens

This gorgeous purple stone has a high spiritual energy and brings insight, focus and emotional balance, all of which help you to open and utilize your intuition.

If you sleep with an amethyst, it will bring you intuitive dreams and can even ease out-of-body experiences. When placed on the third eye, it facilitates scrying. Amethyst can be polished, faceted and worn as jewelry.


Aquamarine is an ideal stone for sensitive individuals. It calms your mind and removes unnecessary thoughts while it hones your intuition.

If you are clairvoyant, aquamarine supports this gift as well. It is a stone that brings clarity, shields your aura and aligns the chakras. When it's placed on the throat chakra, aquamarine brings communication down from higher realms.



An exceptionally beautiful stone colored by swirls and veins of purple, charoite is a transformation stone. It bolsters your inner vision and insight by cleansing your aura and joining your heart and crown chakras.

It helps sharpen your observations and analysis to allow you to come to a quick and correct decision. At the same time, charoite grounds your spiritual energies in mundane reality.



If you want to join your logic with intuition, sodalite is the crystal for you. This stone opens up your spiritual perception and allows information from the higher realms to flow down to the physical level.

Sodalite, a dark blue stone sometimes mottled with blue white, opens up your pineal gland and third eye and removes mental confusion. It calms your mind and allows you to receive new and useful information.



This iridescent stone stimulates your intuition and other psychic abilities. It brings information to your unconscious mind so you can end up at the right place at the right time.

It bolsters your faith in yourself and in the universe, which are prerequisites for intuition. Labradorite allows you to be contemplative and introspective and links your intellect with your intuitive wisdom.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate Tumbles

This opaque crystal gets its name from the moss-like designs on its surface. It stabilizes you and removes spiritual blockages. Crystal Cavern is pleased to offer examples of beautiful moss agate.

If you feel your intellect sometimes gets in the way of your intuitive abilities, moss agate can help you better access your intuition. If you are comfortable with your intuition, the stone helps you use it in practical ways. It helps you express yourself, communicate more effectively and lessens fear and stress.



Malachite, with its bands of different shades of green, is a most powerful stone. It is best if you worked with a qualified crystal practitioner if you are going to use it to help your intuitive talents. This is because malachite amplifies both positive and negative energies.

Used correctly, it absorbs negative energies and activates your chakras and your abilities for psychic vision. It brings insights from the subconscious, and sometimes they are not always comfortable. It might even bring you messages from the future.

The crystal allows you to get to the bottom of a problem as it develops your intuition. It makes you more observant and heightens your ability to process information.



This deep blue crystal is known for guiding the user’s intuition and psychic development. It turns your soul toward enlightenment by cleansing your third eye. It raises your consciousness and allows you to have greater control over your spiritual unfolding.

Azurite lets you more easily enter a meditative state. It expands your mind, brings clarity, new perspectives and gently guides you to the deep insights that can help your intuitive powers.



This crystal often comes in the form of a geode, which is clusters of crystals inside of a half-dome. Geodes send out amplified energy, but in a gentle way and are good to use for any sort of spiritual growth.

Celestite, as its name implies, connects you with divine energy. It promotes trust in the universe and brings peace even as it sharpens your mind and allows for mental clarity. It allows your intellect and your intuition to work harmoniously together.


These are a few of the crystals for intuition that you can use to enhance your natural gifts. They bring peace to your mind and spirit in order for your intuition to come to fruition.

If you have any questions about these crystals or how to use them, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nicole Pacinello at Crystal Cavern.

Here’s one way to use these crystals to help with your intuition. Place the stone on your brow, which is the site of the third eye chakra, and leave it there for 15 minutes. These stones can be used with other stones such as garnet, tourmaline and boji stone to cleanse, protect and open all your chakras.