• Aug 01, 2019
  • by Nicole Pacinello

Have your energy levels been low lately? Do you find it hard to do the things you used to do with ease? Have you been feeling a bit disconnected from your loved ones, from the earth or even from yourself?

Then perhaps a Shiva lingam stone can help. These stones have the power to remind you that though you are a separate being, you are still one of many and not just one of many on earth but one of countless numbers in the cosmos itself.

About Shiva Lingam Meaning?

This special stone always has the shape of an elongated egg and is the symbol, or lingam of Lord Shiva. Shiva is one of the supreme deities in Hinduism and therefore the stone that is his symbol represents the infinite power of the universe. As such, the Shiva lingam brings vitality and a special sort of energy called pranic energy. This is the energy that is found in everything. This makes the Shiva lingam especially useful in healing work, as it can re-energize and revitalize.

Shiva Lingam stones come from the Narmada River, which is one of India’s seven holy rivers. The stones are sometimes found in an egg shape, but most are carved and polished into this special shape, which evokes both the masculine and the feminine principles. They are all shades of brown or tan and often have beautiful markings or bands. Shiva lingam stones are made out of jasper, which is a combination of quartz, chalcedony and opal and has aspects of all of these crystals. The stones themselves can be small enough to be hidden in the hand or very large.

Shiva Lingam Uses 

The Shiva lingam is interesting because it can open and realign most of the chakras with equal power. This can be seen in its ability to stimulate kundalini energy, which resides in the base or root chakra which is found at the bottom of your spine. According to tradition, it is wrapped seven or twelve times around itself and can uncoil upwards. As kundalini energy rises, it opens all the chakras to finally be released through the crown chakra, which connects you to pure consciousness and your highest spiritual energy.

When you place the shiva lingam on your third eye, which is found in the center of your forehead, it links you to your higher self and facilitates clairvoyance. The third eye is also in the area of the pineal gland, which many believe is the master gland of the body. For spiritual practitioners, the pineal gland is the location of the soul and the place where thoughts originate.

When the Shiva lingam is placed on your throat chakra, it allows you to connect with the etheric body. This is an envelope of subtle, biomagnetic energy surrounding your physical body. It’s also called the aura.

To place the stone on your heart chakra encourages you to feel empathy and compassion for others. As a stone that signifies the unity of all life, the Shiva lingam helps you connect with people you feel estranged from and revive feelings of community and conviviality. It makes it a bit easier for you to contemplate forgiveness for those who’ve wronged you in the past.

Shiva lingam is also helpful for the three lower chakras, which are the base, sacral and navel chakras. The sacral chakra is at the root of the reproductive organ, while the navel chakra, as its name says, is found at the navel. Place the stone over the sacral chakra if you have problems with your reproductive system, including infertility. 

Because it comes from a river, Shiva lingams are connected to water and have the energy of water, which includes stillness as well as strength, and power as well as submission. Crystal practitioners suggest that it be placed in the center of the home for grounding, in the southwest for loving relationships, in the west if you desire children or are raising some and east for your family and the wider community.

Shiva Lingam Properties

As a stone made of brown jasper, the Shiva lingam provides protection and grounds your energy as well as your body. It aligns your physical, mental and emotional bodies with your aura, balances the ying and yang energies and provides protection. It also clears your environment of electromagnetic smog, including radiation and pollutants that come from deep inside the earth. A person who practices dowsing should have one of these stones on hand. As a stone of water energy, the Shiva lingam naturally aids in finding water.

The Shiva lingam imparts determination and brings you the courage to deal assertively with problems and conflict. It helps in quick thinking and supports your ability to organize, transform ideas into action and complete your undertakings. It intensifies intimacy and gives you support if you suffer from a long, chronic illness or hospitalization.

The Shiva lingam energizes your digestive, circulatory and reproductive organs and balances the mineral content of your body. A small stone can be used in a gem elixir. for even though it’s powerful, it won’t overstimulate your system.

Since the Shiva lingam is connected to the earth, it encourages you to be aware of the environment and ecology. It helps you to meditate deeply and access your past lives, enabling you to discover the karmic causes of whatever difficulties you may be having in this life. It can improve your night vision, bolster your immune system, clear toxins from your body and facilitates astral travel.


Made to express devotion to Lord Shiva, the Shiva lingam reminds you of your interconnectedness to all beings. If you have a specific question or query about shiva lingam meaning or anything else, please contact us via our Facebook page.