• Jan 03, 2019
  • by Nicole Pacinello

In a world as busy, hectic and topsy-turvy as this one, you may often find yourself lamenting that you simply don’t have time to sit down and think for a minute.

Texts and emails and social media seem to want you to deal with them instantly, and so do friends, family and coworkers in real life.

We at Crystal Cavern know that crystals can bring calm and the mental space for some much needed introspection. Here are some of the best crystals for introspection that our experts recommend with instructions on how to use them:


Rainbow Moonstone Tumbles

Moonstone calms your emotions and allows you to be in that space where you can reflect.

It helps you have lucid dreams where you know you’re dreaming and can control the action much like a director. It supports your emotional intelligence and soothes stress. Place it on your solar plexus, which is right around the area of your belly button. Moonstone pulls out old, unhelpful emotional patterns so that they can be understood then discarded.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

This is a species of quartz, which is already one of the powerful crystals there is. This beautiful, translucent stone is brownish to black with areas of bright yellow.

Smoky quartz dispels fear and depression and fosters emotional calm and positive thoughts. Smoky quartz helps clear your mind for meditation and is an excellent scrying stone, which brings images of the past, present or future when you gaze into it.

You can place smoky quartz anywhere on your body, but it works best on your base chakra or under your pillow. If you’re stressed, sit quietly, place a stone in each hand and simply be still for few minutes. You can also wear smoky quartz as a pendant. When you buy smoky quartz, make sure it is natural stone and not stone that’s been irradiated to darken it.

Gold Sheen Obsidian

Gold Sheen Obsidian Athames

Obsidian is famous for its glassy, lustrous black color, but gold sheen obsidian is prized for the gold light that shimmers through the black. It is a great crystal for scrying and allows you to see into the heart of a problem. A bit gentler than black obsidian, gold sheen obsidian can be placed under your pillow while you sleep.


Opal Aura Amethyst

This powerful, purple-hued crystal is as good for encouraging introspection as it is for guarding against drunkenness. It eases stress, promotes serenity and enhances meditative states. It both calms and stimulates the mind depending on what you need. When you meditate, it helps you achieve deeper understanding and focus.

Physically, amethyst can even strengthen the work of neurotransmitters in the brain, promoting introspection. Wear amethyst jewelry or buy a wand. Place the point toward you to pull in energy, and place it away from you to draw energy off. Place an amethyst crystal under your pillow at night, or place it over your throat or heart chakra.

Red Jasper

Shiva Lingam - Made of Jasper

In general, jasper supports you in times of stress and brings serenity and a sense of wholeness. It aligns the chakras, and red jasper is specific to your base chakra, so place it there when needed. It gently stimulates your thought processes and gives you insight into difficult circumstances. It helps you organize your thoughts and complete projects. A string of red jasper beads make for excellent meditation stones or "worry beads."


This family of crystals, of which emerald is a member, calms your mind and relieves stress. It allows you to filter out distractions and encourages a positive view of the world. Crystals made of beryl are also superior scrying crystals. This is especially true of golden beryl. Beryl works best if it’s place on your crown and solar plexus chakras.

Emerald is a stone of of wisdom, and brings mental clarity and equilibrium. Wear emerald on your ring finger, on your pinkie, on your right arm or over your heart. Take care not to wear emerald all the time, for it can dredge up negative emotions. Avoid opaque emeralds because they don’t help with mental attunement.



Like beryl, fluorite comes in different types, but it is a crystal used for overcoming all kinds of chaos, including mental ones. It is a powerful stabilizing crystal. It helps you discern when you are threatened by outside influences and raises your powers of intuition. It focuses your mind and dissolves fixed patterns of thought and behavior that are no longer useful to you. This way, you can move beyond a narrow view of the world and understand the bigger picture.

Fluorite helps you concentrate and take in new information. Wear fluorite crystals as earrings or place them around your house. They are really good at removing the electromagnetic smog that may be caused by your computer or other devices, so place a fluorite crystal by your computer screen. Make sure to cleanse fluorite crystals after they’re used, for they soak up negative energy. Types of fluorite for introspection are:

Blue Fluorite

This stone helps you order your thoughts.

Violet or Purple Fluorite

This is an excellent crystal for meditation.


A translucent selenite crystal is wonderful for bringing clarity to your mind and opening your crown chakra. It brings great peace to your environment, which makes it an excellent stone for introspection or spiritual work.

Place selenite in the corners of your house, and use a selenite wand to prevent anything external from influencing your mind. Selenite crystal balls are also used for scrying.


These are a few of the crystals that can help with introspection even in the midst of what seems like tumult. Don’t hesitate to share this article with friends, family and co-workers if you found it useful. For more information, contact Nicole Pacinello at Crystal Cavern. You can also read her blogs, attend one of our events or sign up for a class in Crystal Basics.