• Feb 26, 2019
  • by Nicole Pacinello

Do you have intrusive thoughts? Thoughts that invade your mind unbidden and fill you with shame, guilt, anger or some other emotion you would rather not feel?

I believe that most people have intrusive thoughts from time to time, but there’s a natural, gentle and holistic way to banish those thoughts that stick in the mind like so many thorns. Crystals can help. Here are some of the best crystals for intrusive thoughts that you can use:

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

Obsidian is not so much a crystal as a type of glass formed when lava cooled down too quickly to form a lattice. An extremely powerful stone, obsidian is usually shiny black, though snowflake obsidian has white patches that resemble the snowflakes that give it its name. When it is placed on the sacral chakra, which is found right beneath your belly button, snowflake obsidian balances your mind, body and spirit. It allows you release wrong thinking and intrusive thoughts.

Orange or Brown Jasper

Brown jasper is connected to the earth and brings balance and stability. It helps with deep meditation and connects you with past lives. This may hold the answer to why you are having such intrusive thoughts. Once the meaning behind them becomes clear, it is easier for you to let them go.

Orange jasper is an excellent “worry bead” in that it calms your emotions when your intrusive thoughts start to become overwhelming. It also cleans, stabilizes and strengthens your aura and gives you insight into difficult situations.


This beautiful blue stone is often bought tumbled. When used for healing, it opens up your spiritual perception and brings information from the higher mind to the physical plane.

Sodalite is famous for opening your third eye and helping you achieve deep meditation. Because of this, it will help you understand the reasons for your intrusive thoughts. Sodalite encourages your drive to find the truth and frees you from mental confusion and bondage. It calms your mind and allows you to take in new information while it frees you from old mental conditioning an mindsets.



Bismuth is not only a healing crystal but is an element. It is number 83 on the periodic table and can form beautifully iridescent hopper crystals that can grow to great size. When it comes to healing, bismuth brings both spiritual and emotional peace and heals the isolation that makes it easier for unwanted thoughts to intrude. It is unusual because it can transform energies from your crown to your base chakra.


Aquamarine Pendants

This glorious crystal named because its blue resembles the blue of the sea can be polished, faceted and worn as a gemstone. You will want to wear it all the time when you learn that this stone will quiet your mind and ease stress. Long ago, aquamarine was believed to vanquish the forces of darkness and bring light. As a talisman that protects against drowning, aquamarine can keep you from drowning in your intrusive thoughts. It also aligns your chakras and protects your aura.



Kunzite is another stone of tranquility that has a high vibration. It opens your heart chakra with unconditional love that washes away intrusive thoughts and replaces them with thoughts of love and peace. It is also a protective crystal that can dispel negativity and shield your aura from unwanted energies, including the unwanted energies of intrusive thoughts. It can help you recall memories that have been blocked and reduces anxiety and stress.


Black Moonstone Tumbles

Moonstone is also powerful in its ability to calm your emotions. It brings the unconscious into consciousness and supports your empathy and intuition. During the full moon, it can allow you to experience lucid dreaming. It is a stone of receptive energy and heals your emotions. Like the moon, it reminds you that everything is part of a cycle that waxes and wanes.



These beautiful green blue or turquoise stone brings tranquility and helps with communication and meditation. When you place it in your home it will draw away all manner of negative energies, including those of intrusive thoughts. It bolsters your inner strength and sustains you through relationships and situations that have become difficult.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate, a stone with lines and ripples in various shades of blue, is wonderful for healing. It has a soft, calming energy that will bring you tranquility. It is especially helpful when placed on the throat chakra, for it will allow you to freely express your emotions and your thoughts. Its energy is described as cooling and it is even used to soothe fevers and inflammations. It also neutralizes anger and helps you access your highest spiritual truths.


Quartz Ornament for Solstice Magic

Quartz, the most abundant crystal on earth, seems able to heal every malady because of the unique way its crystals are formed. Quartz can store, release, absorb and unblock energies, and when you hold it in your hand, it attunes itself specifically to your energy. There are many different types of quartz and even the way the crystals are formed gives each piece of quartz its own specific properties along with the properties that all types of quartz possess.

  • Blue quartz calms your mind and allows intrusive thoughts to dissipate.
  • Green quartz stabilizes your heart chakra and transforms negative energy into positive energy.
  • Lithium quartz, which has a natural coat of lithium, is an antidepressant that dispels depression and anger. It can help you look back into past lives, and remove the causes of the intrusive thoughts that are plaguing you now.
  • Tangerine quartz is an excellent crystal when it comes to healing trauma, especially on the level of the soul. It can ease the pain of a soul that feels it needs to be punished for transgressions committed in a past life.
  • The lovely rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love and peace and is the most powerful crystal used to open the heart chakra. It too can heal traumas and return self-love.


These beautiful crystals can do much to rid you of those thoughts that keep plaguing you and seem to strike out of the blue. If you want more information about healing crystals, go to our Crystal Cavern page and: